Artist rendering of proposed "ENTWINED" installation. Render by Jake Bjeldanes

"AMA" during the day. Render by Jake Bjeldanes


ENTWINED is purposely large and welcoming, with intentional space to support many people gathering together. These trees are meant specifically to be climbed upon, creating a direct physical interaction with the piece of art. It is a place for meeting, gathering, talking, and interacting. During the day, African folktales will play at the trees, inspiring visitors to stay, listen, and share their own stories. ENTWINED will draw people in at night and entrance them to stay beneath the waves of light in the jungle gym of roots, creating another social space. Meeting new people and telling them about your personal art experience is an important experience of Burning Man. With ENTWINED, I seek to foster and inspire such rituals. The structure of ENTWINED invites you to interact with it.

Furthermore, participants can control the light sequences on the tree via RFID chips scattered throughout each tree that enact programmed color patterns and effects. The signals from these keys are cumulative, creating an interactive kaleidoscope of color to delight all who gather around the trees.

"AMA" at night. Render by Jake Bjeldanes

BURNIng man 2017 proposal

ENTWINED is a grove of three Africa-inspired trees with raised root tangles to climb and nestle into and a canopy of light cubes with interactive programming. It is a place to gather under shade during the day and to play at night.

The trees of ENTWINED are inspired by acacia and mangrove trees in Africa. Thus, they have traditional African girl names:

  • "MOSI" (first-born) is 20ft tall with a 25ft canopy
  • "ENU" (second-born) is 15ft tall with a 20ft canopy
  • "AMA" (Saturday's child) is 10ft tall with a 15ft canopy

Side view of ENTWINED at night, MOSI in front. Rendering by Jake Bjeldanes

The trees and roots are made of steel plate in an innovative combination of CNC-cut and hand-rolled strips, to accomplish a finished effect that is simultaneously both curvy and boxy. The broad flattish canopies are made of 4” and 8” plastic cubes with individually addressable 16-channel LEDs. Millions of colors move through the trees' leaves in hypnotic waves. The raised root structure of the trees is lit underneath and provides a climbing surface and nooks to rest in and gaze at the light show. The trees will be spread out in a slightly curved line, with a spiral of metal root structure ~100ft long. The total footprint is approximately 75ft x 50ft. The beautiful colors will beckon across the playa at night and be a totally immersive interactive experience. During the day, the grove forms a gathering space in the shade.


Look for our Kickstarter campaign in May 2017!

Overhead view of ENTWINED layout - 3 trees plus root structure. Rendering by Jake Bjeldanes