Charles Gadeken has been working as a professional artist in the Bay Area for 20 years. His artistic practice seeks to realize the potential for unexpected magic and serendipity in everyday life. His art pulls inspiration from objects, structures and natural processes in the world around us, and transforms them into beautifully crafted sculptures that engage and surprise the viewer. His goal through this work is to instill a sense of play into the environment, taking the form of things we tend to overlook and remaking them as magical items that exist as a real life portal to our imagination.

Charlie's work has thus far incorporated mixed metals, interactive and kinetic elements, and special effects in various forms such as fire, light, and electricity. It ranges dramatically in size and functionality, from smaller scale static sculpted metalwork exemplified in my contribution of a heart to San Francisco General Hospital’s Heroes & Hearts program, to monumental sized public artwork commissioned for temporary festivals and community celebrations all over the west coast, including Coachella, Burning Man, Insomniac Events, Maker Faire, and many more.

Charles is a founding member of The Flaming Lotus Girls, an artist cooperative and the founder of The Box Shop; a San Francisco container-based community artspace and metal shop that houses over 40 artists and designs and builds custom fire art for individual collectors.