TIMEPIECE is a monumental sculpture and architecture, inspired by the unrelenting passage of time.

Originally developed for San Francisco Super Bowl 50 in 2016


Sands of time

TIMEPIECE is a monumental architectural hourglass, literally and figuratively. 

The central funnel shape is framed by hundreds of steps, which will take roughly an hour to traverse up and down. A flip disc display in the middle emulates the falling grains of sand, but the patterns can be controlled such that the grains appear to fly upward against gravity!

With this piece, I hope to convey the relativity of time and inspire appreciation of all the moments that we have.

Need some measurements and what is the thing on top??



The center of the stairway holds thousands of flip discs in yellow and black, able to move at up to 30fps by electromagnet switches to generate mesmerizing high-contrast patterns. Though an old technology, flip discs are an exciting alternative to expensive and fragile LED displays.

Example of flip disc technology to generate complex images and patterns.

Uploaded by NON-GRID Inc on 2016-07-04.

At the top of the stairs (or a short ride up the elevator), there is an observation deck. From __ ft in the air, visitors can see across the sculpture green and the Bay.

 Observation deck at top of TIMEPIECE

Observation deck at top of TIMEPIECE


At night, a bright spotlight shines from the top of TIMEPIECE straight up into the sky (left). The beam of light rivals the city's downtown skyscrapers.

 TIMEPIECE at night. Rendering by Jake Bjeldanes

TIMEPIECE at night. Rendering by Jake Bjeldanes