We journey along an illuminated stained glass paved path and encounter various chimeric robot gods along the way.

Bricks brighten along the path as people step on the surface.

Each fantastical figure responds to viewer proximity and participants can control the figures through interactive panels.


PATH rendering by Jake Bjeldanes

My mission is to create a beautiful and interesting spatial experience with all of my art. PATH appeals to the explorer/adventurer in all of us. The shrouded figures are meant to entice with that vague tingle of fear and mystery.

physical description

PATH will be an installation 75ft long x 40ft wide, comprised of a 100ft long path ranging from 2ft wide at the ends to 6ft wide in the middle, made of colored composite LED bricks. The bricks are 2ft x 1ft and will have a stained glass appearance, each made of heavyweight acrylic over LED sheet. During the day, the path will be a beautiful rainbow of colors, and at night the bricks will brighten as participants walk on them. Along the path in small alcoves will be ten robed figures made of fiberglass and embedded with hundreds of smart LEDs per figure. The organic robot figures will grow from 5ft at the path ends to 8ft in the middle and be vaguely human, heavily shrouded, with fantastical embellishments like horns and wings. They will emit otherworldly sounds of space, wind, and static. Around each figure are several log benches - hollowed out, filled with resin, and illuminated with LEDs. These offer a place of respite to worship the robot gods. At night, the figures will be brilliantly illuminated and have interactive effects.

PATH rendering by Jake Bjeldanes


PATH is a sensory experience that changes and evolves as people interact with it. The path is made of LED bricks which brighten when they are stepped upon. Stepping along the path will lead you to strange robot figures. The figures are interactive as well, and the mode of interactivity varies along the path. 

PATH rendering by Jake Bjeldanes

As the figures increase in size along the path, so does the complexity of interactive controls and responses. The smallest figures near the ends of the path will change color in response to proximity. Larger figures will respond to touch by changing color and sound. The largest figures will have a puzzle, riddle, or cryptograph challenge to elicit their response.