DREAMER, with copper cubes for leaves and stainless steel trunk. Rendering by Jake Bjeldanes

DREAMER, with copper cubes for leaves and stainless steel trunk. Rendering by Jake Bjeldanes

side view of DREAMER, as rendered above


A tree, a beacon, a place of magic awaits all who visit her embrace. A place of light and music, of rest and contemplation, a dazzling spectacle to light up the night. An oasis to meet your friends.

"Come, Boy, sit down. Sit down and rest."

And the boy did.

And the tree was happy

- The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein


With this piece, I am creating an environment of mythical beauty that instills a sense of awe, wonder, and joy to those who experience it. DREAMER acts as a unique and unexpected element placed in the world that empowers and transforms the viewer at the moment of participation. Viewers become enveloped in the magic of the experience and are taken out of the everyday. DREAMER provides branches to read under, a forest unlocking a land full of knights and princesses, a fairy tree to reignite our childhood imaginations, full of wonder and endless possibility.

This tree represents the secret clubhouse, the magical wardrobe, the portal from a practical reality into a real-life fairy tale. It is the barrier between waking and dreaming. The tree enacts a time outside of time, and a place outside of place. It is a universe all your own, that responds to your presence and an alternate reality that connects and inspires all of us to play.

physical specs

DREAMER is 25-ft tall rising into the sky. Its flat canopy is 30-ft diameter and comprised of 2000 4" copper cubes. Mounted near the cubes are thousands of thin metal clappers, which create tinkling chimes in the wind. The trunk will be a mild steel infrastructure with smooth stainless steel bark. Branches will be hydroformed stainless steel, creating a softness to the steel and very life-like natural feeling. The 7-ft diameter base of heavy plate will anchor into the ground.